11 eCommerce Knowledge Sources We Recommend

11 eCommerce Knowledge Sources We Recommend

In this blog post, we would like to share our favorite eCommerce knowledge sources that inspire us, keep us informed about the newest trends, share valuable research and keep us at the top of the game.

The sources we have listed will help you find relevant solutions for building your website and generating more traffic, visitors and sharing to it. Other key insights will be first-hand experiences from successful entrepreneurs on how to enhance conversion rates, optimize the entire flow and present your store visually. To find out more, please keep reading.

1. KissMetrics

With 350K+ monthly readers, KissMetrics is one of the musts for everyone seeking to broaden their scope with tested and true practical advice. KIssMetrics is like the swiss army knife of Internet marketers, bloggers, eCommerce marketers and generally anyone who is hungry for knowledge. In addition to the blog posts, you can also find webinars, infographics and marketing guides. They usually publish 1 new blogpost per day, so you can stay on top of the information load.

2. Shopify

Shopify's blog is all about providing eCommerce startups and bootstrappers with relevant and useful information on how to make it big. They share inspiring stories of entrepreneurs, eCommerce newbies as well as seasoned veterans. There you would find dos and don’ts, latest web trends, contests, personal journeys etc. One thing we love about Shopify’s blog is that it acts as an inspiration for thousands entrepreneurs to build, launch and grow their online businesses.

With more than 84,500 subscribers in their mail list, new posts for online tools and how-tos are introduced each day. You can take advantage of Shopify's resources for foundational tactics, generating sales, maintaining a business etc. 

3. VWO

VWO's articles range from A/B testing to conversion optimisation and behavioral targeting. What makes the blog valuable is that the VWO team shares real time case-studies and infographics based on clients using their product. Here fresh content comes once in every few days so this is another blog you can actually stay on top of the information.

4. ConversionXL

Peep Laja's rich background in conversion optimization, Internet marketing and B2B sales inspired him to create ConversionXL. The thing we like about his blog posts is that he serves information for both starters and experienced eCommerce merchants alike.  directly answers challenges for eCommerce beginners and advanced merchants with articles overflowing with accurate research for conversion-focused design and optimization. 

5. A Better Lemonade Stand

Richard Lazazzera writes about starting and developing an eCommerce business from scratch. He offers assistance with the first steps like choosing the products to sell and building a lucrative online store. As Richard puts it himself, “always in favor of entrepreneurs and small businesses”. He also offers free e-books and real-time examples of how he built an online store in 24 hours as well as how he started a drop shipping business in 72 hours.

6. Get Elastic

The most subscribed eCommerce blog, where you can find a great piece of advice on MultiChannel, Conversion Optimization, Merchandizing, Digital Commerce, Social Media and everything in between. Linda Bustos and Matt Dion both have plenty of experience in marketing, business development and product management, making them a reliable source for valuable knowledge that you shouldn’t pass by.

7. Mixergy

You can find a great selection of no whitenoise podcasts on anything from starting, to running, maintaining and growing a business from other entrepreneurs. The person behind Mixergy Andrew Warner, thinks that the personal experiences of founders running companies like Pixar, LinkedIn and Wikipedia can be more powerful and inspiring for change than marketers selling conversion tools and advice. To sum up, Mixergy plays a great travel companion for anybody commuting, driving or just walking.

8. Neil Patel

You can never say enough about the co-founder of KissMetrics and CrazyEgg. Definitely one of the most renowned B2B & B2C marketing and among our favorite to read. Neil Patel is all about generating more revenue. He uses real time examples and demonstrates growth hacking at its best. If you aren’t sold yet - Neil has partnered with Amazon, Microsoft, HP, NBC, General Motors and many other influential companies. Forbes named him one of the top 10 marketers and Neil is currently one of the leading web influences worldwide.

9. Reddit eCommerce Section

If you want to engage in a discussion of entrepreneurs alike who are sharing their successes, problems and questions we would definitely recommend the Reddit eCommerce section.If there is a specific topic that is on your mind – submit a post and check out what the community thinks. By creating a discussion, you will get the most current data as well as first hand knowledge from personal experiences. There are over 6,700 subscribed readers and up to 3-4 new topics posted daily.

10. FullBasket

The Full Basket community is targeted at eCommerce business owners and is a perfect place for them to share success stories and other valuable experiences. Full Basket also sends out a weekly newsletter which can send you a summary of the most upvoted posts.

11. LinkedInGroup

The members in the group prepare presentations that cover the most recent topics in the eCommerce industry, giving new information with online courses, and popular posts on a regular basis. You will get the chance to contact professionals and employers who offer valuable information on what CEOs want in their potential executives and advice for improving key skills. The entrepreneur’s social platform has new posts about conversion tools, digital advancements in multichannel retailing and what are the most challenging aspects of building and advancing in your business.


We think that these are some of the must-see places where you will always have access to relevant and valuable information when it comes to understanding what your business needs. You will feel more comfortable as an entrepreneur while having current and in-depth knowledge. This gives you the confidence that you have good control over the future of your online store, so don’t miss out!

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