6 Free OpenCart extensions to help you grow your social media presence

6 Free OpenCart extensions to help you grow your social media presence

Social networks, instant messaging, content sharing - these are all necessities when it comes to online businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Skype WhatsApp. were all game changers and they shaped the today’s approach to online marketing. Take a look at these free OpenCart extensions, which could help you take your business popularity to a new level.



AddThis is the world's largest content sharing and social insight platform. Giving you the chance to choose between various social channels as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yahoo and many other, AddThis is the best tool to help you spread the word around. The AddThis extension for OpenCart offers you easy-to-use and highly customizable social media buttons. Choose between “Original sharing buttons”, “Sharing Sidebar”, “Mobile toolbar”, “Horizontal or Vertical follow buttons” integrate them seamlessly into your store. To see all this in action visit AddThis demo site.



GoToMeeting is a service which makes it simple to meet online. Enjoy close to live experience while sharing your screen or webcam with your colleagues. GoToMeeting for OpenCart is a widget, which lets your clients access your online meeting rooms just with a click of a button. Just type the URL of your GoToMeeting room and configure the storefront widget. Simple as that! You can now meet with anyone from anywhere. To get a better idea visit GoToMeeting demo page.



Ever found yourself in a situation where you browse through a web store on your mobile device find something great and want to shout out to everyone about it? WhatsAppShare makes that an easy task. This extension will add a nice looking WhatsApp button to your web pages, which will allow your customers to share your content with their WhatsApp contacts quickly and easily. Visit WhatsAppShare demo page through a mobile device or use Google Chrome developer options feature to see the extension in action on your desktop - http://whatsappshare.demo.isenselabs.com/



Skype is one of the first instant messaging services and has been around for more than a decade. This made it a benchmark for connectivity and distant communication. As online store owner you probably know how important it is to offer you clients easy way to connect with you. SkypeButton for OpenCart is one of the best tools for that. Just customize and add the button to your website pages and give your business an edge. Go to SkypeButton demo site.



Facebook is a huge part of our lives and this is not going to change any time soon. During the years it became not only a way to get in touch with our friends, but also one of the most powerful marketing platforms. Almost every business has its own Facebook page. FacebookPagePlugin is a nice looking widget, which will let your customers have a peek at your Facebook page and like it right from your web site. See it in action here.



Along with Facebook, Twitter is the other main driving force of social media marketing. TwitterFeed is a light, highly customizable widget which will transfer your twitter account feed right to your website, allowing your customers to see the latest tweets about you. Go to TwitterFeed demo site to see how it works.


Staying social and connected, giving your customers the chance to spread your website’s content is one of the most vital things in today's online business. We hope this article will give you the information and the tools to stay on the edge of modern social presence.

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